Sunday, April 2, 2017


THE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS DEPARTMENT havebeen investigating and tracking all of the illegal, deprtaved and corrupt activities of DR JOHN SIEBERT, for over 10 years.

Siebert, his lawyers, Joseph M Burke Esq; Kenneth V Gomez, Esq and Abrams Deemer PLLC are and have been proven to be perjurers, embezzlers, mioney launderers, and have aided Siebert in his looting and extorting and embezzling Millions of dollars from many of Siebert Victims who Siebert also sexually molested and resulted in Siebert being CONVICTED as a sex Pervert, and resulted in Siebert being Fired from 5 NYC Hospitals and Siebert confessing to MY State Department of Health and being Kicked out of NY as a Doctor and labeled "MORALLY UNFIT"

Siebert is a proven and confessed Tax Cheat, a Proven Perjurer, a Thief, a Pervert, a PEDOPHILE, and a Male Prostitute.

Siebert is a Buthcer of Kids in the OR, Lying to Parents that he has a FIX for PARRY ROMBERG SYNDROME. Such a claim is medical Fraud and Malpractice and has resulted in unjust enrichment for Siebert, For the Corrupt UW Hospital and to the Pain, Suffering and Detriment for multiple Minors whos Parents were Conned and Lured-into Siebert's Butchering Operating Rooms at UW Hospital, who are also a group of UNDENIED  complicit PIGS, including UW President Ron Slwinski, who has also aided Siebert into SWINDELING BILLIONARE WIDOW DIANE HENDRICKS.

UW and Siebert falsified Siebert's CV and Background making it appear that this Convicted and Confessed Sex-Offender Siebert was a "RESEARCHER"with a pristine background. When in Fact Siebert was and is a  sex pervert, a butcher, a Pedophile, a thief a Money Launderer and a criminal.

Siebert conned Diane Hendricks, and has been engaged (we are informed by a Whistelblower) in illicit Sex -Trysts with Hendricks as her MALE PROSTITUTE, while Siebert's wife for over 32 years Kimberly is in the Dark.

Siebert has told other of his Sex-Victims that he has no sex with Kimberly, finds her a cold person who he has no physical relations with and cant divorce due to her knowledge of Siebert's Looting, Money Laundering and Larceny (see Affs of Kleiman, Rachel, Linda M, Karras, Polucci and others on Scribd & Scams Inc Sites).


Siebert is a Socipoath who has the morales of a Snake and a Prostitute. Siebert talks of his wifr Kimberly that she is a mentally off person, a idiot and that bhe cant stand being near her (see Kleiman & Rachel Affs).

Sienert is a pathetic immoral pervert and diabolic thief that THE SCAMS INC GROUP intends exposing and reporting until this Siebert and his "Boys" are taken off the Streets, and put away.

Siebert has used his Daughter Ashley His Son and Kimberly as "MULES" to move his illicit gains off-shore and to evade Taxes. Siebert was caught and confessed ton a previous Evasion Scheme and Now he is embarking on others involving Burke, Gomez, Geporge Pavia, Pavia Harcourt and possibly Hedndricks.

We are on to all of them and we are watching Siebert's Prostitution weith Hendricks and plan to advise Siebert's wife Kimberly with Photos and and other Proofs of Siebert's infidelities with Hendricks and others at UW Hospital Examing Rooms, locker Rooms and even the Operating Rooms.



Sunday, March 12, 2017


THE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS DEPARTMENT has obtained evidence from various Informants who have been defrauded, victiomized and embezzled by Chapman and his Palm Springs Superior Courthouse larceny, Fixes and larceny.

We have evidence of Court Clerks Chief Maggie Martinez, Gloria, Letty Reyna, Jeff Carver and others employed by the Court and all of whom are defined as "Officers-of-the Court" who have engaged in fraud upon the court by inter alia, filing phony Documents or not Filing Important Documents at all on the Court Docket. Makinhg illegal Findings as "Non_Lawyers" and beyont their authority, conig litigants by their Fraud and when Exposed Lie and Cheat claiming a "MISTAKE".

The nly mistake was that they were caught in their scheme to defraud the Litigant and allow Judge Chapman or Latting to engage in Judicial larceny, extortion, embezzeling and cheating.

We have proof of these Clerks assigning Cases to Chapman who was Automatically DISMISSED as a matter of law for his violations of the Due Process Clause of the US Constitution. Violations of the Canons of Judicial Ethics, Viomations of the california Constitution and Violations of the california CCP.

We have secured evidence of Reynia and Carver and Martinez engaging in wire fraud on interstate instrumentalities with arious litigants in a scheme to loot and embezzle Millions as part of a Chapman FIX.

We have evidence of Chapman and Latting "BEING IN THE POCKETS" of the Law Firms of Roemer Harnik and Slovak Baron Empy and Shaun Murphy. In Fact Latting worked for Brooklyn Fixer Brian Harnik who boasted that he had the PS CourtJudges 'in his pocket" along with "gun-Maul" Mary Gilstrap, Esq who has been engaged in Courthouse hijacking for years.

The Court Clerks in Palm Springs have engaged in forging Court Minutes, back dating Documents, destroying Documents, amending Dockets to cover-up their Dishonesty, Trickery and Judicial Deception and Racketeering. We have absolute Proof of Martinez Wire Fraud, Reyna Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud RICO, aiding Chapman in his Money Laundering and Grand Larceny to aid litigants who have Fixed his Courtroom.

THe evidence in our possession is overwhelming and the Facts are irrefutable. Chapman has been engaged in repeated violations of Federal and State Laws in a scheme to rob Justice and Millions of dollars by Judicial Racketeering, larceny, perjury, extortion and using the Court Clerks as his Minion-Stooges to falsify Records in order to try and shroud Chapman's unethical and perverted conduct.

Martinez is such a foolhardy Idiot, she contradicted Herself over and over again while trying to Cheat a Litigant while at the Same Time her Larceny was confirmed as such on prior Dicket Entries PROVING that Martinez engaged in attempted Extortion and embezzling.

When she was caught by phone and Letter she tries to "Back-Track" and State onn the Docket her Bogus-Fraudulent Entries "WERE A MISTAKE"

Martinez, Chapman and this entire group of corrupt Looters are pathetic CRIMINALS who all belong in Prison for violations of the Public Trust and many Federal and State Criminal Statutes iin particular RICO, Money Launderig, Obstructio of Justice, extortio, Tax evasion, BRIBERY and embezzeling of millions of dollars.


Saturday, January 28, 2017


THE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS has uncovered and reported previous Tax Evasion and Tax Frauds engage in by disgraced Dr and self confessed sex pervert and perjurer Dr John Siebert, convicted Tax Cheat, perjurer, forger George Pavia, and perjurers, money launderers, and proven thieves Kenneth Gomez and his partner Joseph M Burke. Gomez and Burke have been engaged in courthouse dishonesty, fraud, corruption extortion and larceny for years. They have misused the Courts to embezzle, loot, con, steal, corrupt and defraud many. They have implemented acts of Internet Extortion, suborning perjury, mail fraud, wire fraud and racketeering.

These Lawyers have aided George Pavia , his wife Antonia, Pavia Harcourt and Siebert engage in fraud upon the courts, thefts of millions, fraud upon the Department of Buildings in NYC, Fraud upon the ECB Court, Fraud and Ghostwriting in NY County Supreme Court, Larceny, Bribery and Money Laundering. Gomez and Burke and Abrams Deemer PLLP, have been used as fronts for criminality and thefts ov millions by Forgery, fraud, bribery, and extortion.

These persons have threatened, stalked and intimidated many Victims of Siebert's sex-molestations of Patients to try and prevent them from testifying against Siebert at NY State Trials where Siebert was finally convicted and or confessed to being a sex-pervert. Siebert has been run out of NY as a Unfit Pervert, and is a Disgraced Doctor. Pavia is a likewise Disgraced Thief, Cheat and extortonist.

A few years ago The Scams Inc Group Investigations learned that Pavia and Siebert had engaged in two separate TAX SCAMS involving millions in phony Deductions by Siebert his PC, aided by Burke Gomez and CPA Pecker. They were Reported by us to the IRS and they were all caught "red-handed". The are paying the price.

Pavias in another tax scheme stole a relatives $17million home in NYC who was senile. They converted to themselves by a massive and willful tax scam, sold it and failed to pay any "Gift-Theft" Tax or Income Tax.  we heard of the Scheme, Reported it and the Pavias were caught and confessed to intentional Tax Evasion.

Now these Criminals are again attempting to Rob the Federal Government and various States in another Tax Scam.

As a result of fraud upon the Court, perjury, Ghostwriting, Larceny and Forgery Siebert and Burke-Abrams Deemer illegally secured a Judgment against a Litigant (by use of larceny, forgery, purging Records and collusion), for $15Million. The Plan? Use this Bogus Judgment, where Siebert will File "Carry-Back" fraudulent Losses and by tax fraud, perjury on Federal and State Tax Returns, obtain Millions in Fraudulent "Recoveries" from the Federal and State Tax Departments.

What better creditor is than the Federal Government. We heard about this Scheme and  we have Reported all of these Tax Chears to the Criminal Division of the Department of Treasury (CID) and to Federal Law Enforcement. The  CID are very conversant with Siebert, his PC, Pavia Burke and Gomez from other attempted tax evasion chicanery. Brian Pecker CPA is and has been involved in Filing these Bogus Returns for Siebert his wife and PC for years and was informed of Siebert's Scams yet continued to aid in Defrauding the IRS.

Gomez and Burke have been used to shore up Siebert and Pavia by lying to the Government that Siebert is a "Honest-Doctor" but misunderstood , and Pavia is a honest lawyer and a fine person as is his wife.

When in fact all of these persons are cheats, liars, schemers, embezzlers, Money launderers, tax cheats, and corrupt, and we have the evidence of their tax frauds, the IRS convicting them and the larceny and Criminal cover-up engaged in by Lawyers Burke, Gomez, Abrams-Deemer and Pavia Harcourt.

In a Nut-Shell, Pavias are convicted Tax Cheats, perjurers, Forgers and thieves. Siebert and his PC and wife Kimberly are convicted Tax Cheats, Dr John is a Convicted Sex Pervert and admitted Pedophile, perjurer,Tax cheat, and embezzler. Gomez and Burke are extortonists, perjurers, tax cheats, fraudsters upon the Courts, The Federal Government and  many Victims that they have stolen from and looted. The Pavias have been convicted of Tax Larceny, money laundering, embezzeling, extortion, threats and major frauds.

Siebert and Burke are subject to Nation Wide Restraining Order for threats of Murder on the Internet and caught recently.

The walls are closing on all of these criminals. Siebert has Stolen Millions but soon he will be disgorged. Pavias have stolen Millions and all of them have tried to money launder and secrete their ill gotten embezzling in offshore havens and with allies in their crimes but we know just where these looted funds are, and these criminals will be paying the consequences for their crimes and racketeering.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Wells Marvin has for many years misused the Courts, the Law and the Tax Departments to engage in a paper trail of unjust enrichment.

Well Marvin is supposed to be a "Builder & Developer" and has built some homes "here & there" in the Desert of California. But Wells wanted more and wanted to be a  King of La Quinta.

So wells began a development called Old-Town, advertised as the Rodeo Drive of La Quinta. It has FLOPPED. They could not con any "Cornerstone" tenants, and the really good ones who signed up such as Clint Eastwood's "Hogs Breath Restaurant" finally had ther fill of Marvin's "freeloading meals and other bullyism and told Marvin & Old Town to "Shove-it" and moved out, leaving 2 floors empty for old Wells.

As losses loomed Wells had to do something so he decided to embark on a sham EXPANSION of a already "sinking ship".

Phase 2 was promoted, Plans were filed with the City and a Option was granted to Marvin for a large tract of City Owned land. Marvin "shopped" the Project to many money lenders and banks and came up with nothing so he went to the Berger Foundation. He wined & Dined them Free at Hoggs Breath before they had enough but Wells conned Berger into advancing $11Million in a project that was a ploy. Soon after it was aborted and the Option Defaulted.

Then Marvin through MARVIN INVESTMENTS, formed a alliance with another Ponzi Schemer Robert Green of Green Company regarding a La Quinta Silver Rock Development project. Marvin Investments & a defunt Sub. had represented its intentions to Finance all or a portion of over $435Million in required funding for this effort.

Thereality, Marvin Investments does not and did not have even a Million  much less $400 Million and Green had about enough money to build a log cabin about 10x10. And the Silver Rock Project was as feasible as a walk by foot to Mars.

Marvin has been enjoying the emoluments of his unjust activities for a long while until he began to extort, lie and cheat persons who reported this Guy to THE SCAMS INC GROUP.

When we found evidence of Marvin and Old Town's skulduggery and wrote about it Marvin called on Shaun Murphy, a proven fixer and courthouse cheat to try and harass, extort the victims of Marvin's Extortion and Threats. This involved trespass, harassment, courthouse cheating, fraud, stalking, and threats.

We have now assembled sufficient evidence of Marvin, Old Town, Marvin Investments fraud, money laundering, Banking offshore, undeclared income from larceny, accepting cash from tenants at Old Town, loooing Vendors at the "Art on Main Art Show. Demanding Contracts be signed against "Public Policy' and against 'Vendors Self Interest" and thus allowing Marvin to loot and extort innocent Artists trying to make a honest living, something Marvin is devoid of.

We at the Scams Inc Group will not be extorted by Marvin or his Thug unethical Lawyers SBEMP and Mark Empy and Shaun "herpes" Murphy Esqs and their bullysim of malliable Palm Springs Courts.

Marvin is now squalking and trying again to cheat, lie, harass, extort and intimidate.

In our opinion, Marvin has proven himself to be a cheat, a schemer, a money launderer and a charlatan. If he objects to this Expose we ask that he follows the Terms of Use and presents proofs that we arev incorrect.

Sadly for Marvin & Old Town and SBEMP-Murphy, we have the evidence of our charges and we have reffered same to DC Law Enforcement and the IRS for Investigations.



Saturday, December 10, 2016


Mathiew Abrams Esq and David Deemer Esq spawn along with Joseph M Burke Esq & Kenneth V Gomez Esq from the now Defunct Russo Burke that was housed at 600 Third Ave. NYC on the 15th Floor.

Deemer and Abrams are two corrupt incompetents who have been engaged in racketeering, courthouse corruption, forgery and collusion for a number of years while at Russo Burke. Their "Teacher" none other than Joe Burke and Ken Gomez.

Burke has been for years engaged in racketeering, extortion, larceny, tax evasion, courthouse corruption, perjury embezzlement and bribery. Bothe Burke and Gomez have been caught engaging in stalking, extorting and filing forged Court Records in the NY Supreme Court, the NYC ECB Court, the NY Department of Buildings and at various Agencies.

Both Burke and Gomez have been engaged in creating fraudulent Blogs in order to shroud the Money Laundering, bribery, embezzling and racketeering og John Siebert and George, Antonia, Jullian, Phillippa Pavia and Pavia Harcourt. Burke has been caught filing perjured pleadings, violations of CPLR, violations of Court Uniform Rules, forgery, suborning Perjury of Sex Convict John Siebert.

Burke lied to the Department of Children and Families in Conn. during theit Investigation of verified Reports that John Siebert is a Pedophile and a sex pervert. Burke and Gomez harassed, stalked and extorted Siebert victim and whistelblowers Ms Rachel, Muriel Karass, Barbara Polucci and others .

These thieves have engaged in trying to cover-up the Pavias thefts of Rent Stabilization, forgery, cheating the Dept of Buildings, findings by the NYC ECB Court that the Pavias and Gomez are perkurers and Forgers, in the ECB Court Record.

Gomez and the Pavia's engaged in rampant obstruction of Justice, fraud upon trhe Court, perjury and extortion in NY Supreme Court and in multiple Agencies.

These criminals have been caught in massive Tax Evasion Schemes involving Pavia, Siebert, Assessor Boys, Yvonne Rogers and others. These despicable crooks have been caught cheating the App. Div. the Courts in NY and even as far out as California Courts as well.

Siebert has been caught engaged in a Tax Evasion Scheme as have the Pavias, aided by Burke and Gomez. All the while Abrams Deemer have been involved in aiding and participating in these Criminal acts, money laundering, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Siebert's sexual Confessions and rapes of patients emotionally, physically and financially.

Siebert has stolen millions in concert with Abrams Deemer Burke and Gomez as have the Pavias. George Pavia has been a Mob Front Lawyer for over 50 years. He and Pavia Harcourt have many Off-Shore Shell Companies in Panama, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Camen Islands and other Tax Havens. Pavias have been caught and cited for perjury, fraud, larceny, tax evasion, money laundering and extortion.

These persons have been aided by Burke, Gomez, Abrams Deemer in violation of Federal Criminal Statutes. Burke is a desperate thief now on the run as he has stolen millions along with Siebert Pavia and Gomez. Burke has been caught in his cheating and extortion as have Gomez and the Pavias.

Burke has been caught "red-handed" filing perjured and fabricated Records and Pleadings in NY Courts, Compromising Referee Jack Surer, ex-party meetings with Suter, Paul Wooten, Peter Moulton and others all memoralized and witnessed. When it was to "Hot" for Burke, Bag-Man Gomez would become the "Mule" and Do the "Dirty-Work" of bribery, Ghostwrition and collusion to Rob Millions for Siebert and the Pavias.

Burke and Gomez have engaged in Ghostwriting on multiple occasions in multiple Courts for Judges, Referees, JHO's and have been caught in these schemes as well.

The Helmseley Building 230 Park Avenue Room 660 is a den of criminality, larceny, extortion and racketeering. What makes this even mor interesting is the fact that George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt have recently moved into the same Building where Abrams Deemer are housed. The Helmesely Building 230 Park Ave.

Now George Pavia has "hired" Gomez (Abrams Deemer) to "Represent" George who is being sued by Yvonne Rogers for $30Million of looting embezzeling, money laundering and tax evasion.

George is also now desperate as he has a Judgment against hin and his wife Antonia for $40Million in California arising out of a RICO Case, that will soon be affirmed and Filed in NYC.

These Criminals are going to be excoriated by the Rules of Law, evicted, indicted, Jailed and all of their "off-shore" Accounts cleaned out. CRIME DOES NOT PAY.

Sunday, November 6, 2016


Dr John Siebert the disgraced Surgeon who was caught and convicted molesting, extorting and stealing from over 12 of his patient-victims in NYC Hospitals, fired and terminated by the NY State Department of Health as a NY Doctor for Siebert's confession that he is "MORALLY-UNFIT" is caught again. This time in concert with Officials of the UW Hospital in Madison Wisconsin the only Hospital in America that has been willing to employ Siebert, a self-confessed Sex Pervert-Rapist.

John Siebert is not only a sex pervert, but a admitted Pedophile, a witnessed active narcotics abuser, and a witnessed pedophile and extortonist with the aid of his corrupt lawyer Joseph M. Burke of a "outcast" Firm called Abrams Deemer.

Siebert has been engaged in not only sexual deviant CRIMES, that has resulted in his being Fired from NYU Langone, Lenox Hill and 5 other NY Hospitals, but Siebert has been caught engaging in bribery of a NY Judge along with Burke to steal a fortune that Siebert Confessed to owing in Sworn-to Agreements, Notarized and defaulted.

Siebert further engaged in rampant and proved Perjury, extortion, and collusion with this Judge who now has been Permanently Removed from NY County for Cause and who has been reported, with Proof, to the US Attorney and should be Charged and Convicted of Judicial Racketeering, larceny, bribery collusion and judicial money laundering.

Siebert and Burke have also secreted evidence, purged evidence conspired with this dislodged judge, conspired with others to loot and steal over $40Million Siebert that stolen. Further to that Siebert has used his wife Kimberly, daughter Ashley and son Christopher and fronts, money launderers and tax evaders.

Siebert has been previously caught in a multi-million dollar tax scheme, falsifying Records, forgery of tax documents and use of Ashley as a front for Siebert's Money Laundering.

Ashley works for a Hedge Fund called SILVER POINT CAPITAL, and is a supposed Trader. Siebert has been involved in Looting Money belonging to others involving Freedom Wireless and Larry Day, Doug Fougnes and Joe Burke Esq.

The Siebert RICO Racketeers have been allied with UW Hospital and its President Ron Slwinski to loot and cheat Widow-Billionaire Diane Hendricks. They conned Hendricks into forking over about $2Million to UW and Siebert and hiring Siebert as a supposed RESEARCHER.

Siebert is a con-artist, a sex pervert and a thief. The only things Siebert has ever "researched" is the naked body of his victims. Diane Hendricks, we have learned from Informants has been lured by Charlatan Siebert into a Motel Bedroom.

You see Dr Siebert is married to Kimberly, his childhood "sweetie" excep[t Siebert has told many of his Patient-Sxx Victims that he can not stand having sex with kimberly, and that she is mentally imballanced and a Drunk.

This information we have obtained by Affidavits and Reporte from Linda M, Ms Rachel and Diane Kleiman. Siebert is a sick liar and pervert-thief. He is now acting as a Front for UW Hospital and Slwinski who have been conning Widow Hendricks for a long while and Looting her for Millions using Siebert as a Male Whore, which Siebert is.

Siebert has now misused the Courts, engaged in cheating, larceny, extortion, fraud, extortion of Ms Rachel, looting and cheating over 10 of his Victims and has robbed all of these persons while Hijacking the IRS and Widdow Hendricks as well.

UW Hospital is a corrupt and disgusting Hospital willing to employ a convicted thief, sex pervert and pedophile Siebert, who has been Fired by every Hospital in the USA. WHY?

Siebert has now gone far too far with Mrs Hendricks and now she is added to the pathetic ROGUES GALLERY of Siebert's Sex and Financial Victims.

We as Investigators with the SCAMS INC GROUP, have a Duty as Forensic Investigators to Expose and Report Siebert's Criminal Acts as Siebert belongs in Prison and must also pay the Money he has looted and stolen by his Perjury, Bribery, Extortion and Money Laundering in concert with ABRAMS DEEMER, JOSEPH M BURKE, WILLIAM RUSSO, UW HOSPITAL AND CORRUPT-DISGRACED JUDGES BURKE AND SIEBERT BRIBED, FIXED AND CONNED.

We will continue to expose and Report these Siebert Crimes and Tax Evasion Schemes and acts of Racketeering, causing grave injury and loss to Siebert Victims including Widow Diane Hendricks who has been lured into the Siebert Criminal Enterprise, with the complicity of UW Hospital Ron Slwinski, UW President and sex Pervert disgraced thief Dr John Siebert.

Friday, September 16, 2016


Scams Inc has just learned that Paul Wooten, a warped, invidious incompetent, has surfaced back in the Adams Street Courthouse. Now this time Wooten's supposed "law ckerk is not Rachel Mandel Horowitz as she has apparently taken the rap for the Wooten skulduggery, racketeering, extortion, larceny and fraud in Part 7, NY County at 60 Center Street Supreme Courthouse.

Wooten, you see has since 2009, after he engaged ion election fraud along with Clarence Norman, who was convicted for bribery and selling judge-ships, and convicted State Senator John Sampson, he was awarded a judge position after he conned Gov. Patterson with his criminal allies, Sampson and Norman.

Wooten was never Vetted and never screened. He set up shop in NY County, allied himself with a few other corrupt meat-ball Judges including "Pretty-Boy Peter Moulton, who thinks because his wife is a gyneocoligst that Peter can loot and rape litigants in NY County, and use Wooten as a front, a pimp and a judicial cheat.

Wooten has engaged in Judicial racketeering, ghostwriting Decisions, collusion, forgery, extortion, fraud upon the court, and complete unadulterated courthouse larceny. Scams Inc has a carload of evidence of Wooten's fraud, perjury, ex-partie collusion, issuing Orders and decisions that have cheated many Citizens whic resulted in about 20 complaints that we have learned from large and small law firms in NY County.

We have evidence of Wooten filing forged Decisions after he was Fired Permanently from NY County and done so "under the radar" by wise-guy Moulton who has been engaged in fraud, obstruction of justice, violations of the NY and US Constitution, mail and wire fraud.

Moulton has done his level-best to save Wooten's "skin" as all of the Fixes engaged in by these Judicial embezzlers are "cut-up" by these corrupt judges.

It operates just like the Mafia, a Robbery is made and the Booty, is divided up as "one for all and all for one". Wooten engaged in more Fixes, Bribery, Judicial Larceny, cheating, dishonesty, fraud, extortion, chicanery, shady dealings and racketeering than mos corrupt Bandits in Black Robes.

Wooten engaged in bullying many NY County Clerks, engaged in rampant violations of the Uniform Rules of the Court, the CPLR, Rules of the Special Referee Part, illegal Steering, Forgery of the Court Docket, Purging the Court Record Room Files and Motion Folders, placing forged Court Stamps on Motion Pleadings and substitution of Pleadings in order to cover up his judicial infected chicanery and fixes.

Wooten is a distorted diabolic pig and sociopath. He has the integrity of a cobra, he will steal from anyone, and he is as bad as a ISSIS Thug. Wooten has cheated a fine Macys employee as a result of a Ghostwritted Decision, he has cheated and looted millions with fabrications, ignoring evidence and engaging in all forms of judicial crimes in a warped and polluted System.

Scams Inc has Interviewed former law clerks who worked with Wooten for a while and soon quit. The best we got is either a clam -up fron a few, but we also learned that Wooten was almost illeterate.
And that most of his Decisions are and have been written by others after the FIX is in Place. So all that incompetent thief Paul Wooten needs do is tell the Ghostwriter who wins and how much.

After all Paul Wooten, just like Convicted John Sampson, wants fancy duds, a gold watch, a Cadillac Car, Dine at fancy restaurants where they cater to Mafia Big-Wigs. And Wooten likes pretty Women who call him "YOUR HONOR". Sadly the only Honor Wooten knows comes out of a Gin Bottle. This supposed Judge is a no better Pimp-Whore, selling a body in Hells Kitchen. Wooten can not tell the truth and the only reason the Unified Court keeps him around is because the want to keep Wooten "respectable" so that the Decisions he has Issued stealing Millions, he thinks will be Cut-up by the Stinking Corrupt Bandits in Kings and NY Counties.

These NY State Court Judges who pollute the Barrel for the few good and honest, are worse than the Mafia. Scams Inc has been researching the Murder of MR Sonny Sheu a Asian Accountant who was in a Fixed Unifies Supreme Court in Nassau County, NY before a Judge Joseph Gollia. Sonny was ripped of by Gollia who was and is a cheat and fraud. Sheu exposed Gollia as a fraud, cheat and worse. Gollia targeted Sueu. Sheu did a video stating that if anything happens to him it is "Gollia's People". Two weeks later Sonny Sheu was bludgoned to death, and his murder yet unsolved. All points to Gollia who soon after "retired" from the Court Sustem.

The Sustem in the NY State Courts is a disgrace. The ilk of a fallacious Huckster-carpet-bagger such as Wooten is despicable. The Man is a evil adulterated flim-flam man, who will sell you urine in a bottle and tell you it is a Elexer that will save your life. Scams Inc has had Wooten under survelance while he was colluding to engage in a massive rip-off and Courthouse Robbery. Wooten orchestrated a scam involving HIPAA Forms, fabrication of Documents Falsifying a illegal Note of Issue, circumvented Rules of the Court to collude with Bull-Dog JHO Ira Gammerman and pulled off a Sting that a moron could figure out.

But no matter because the Unified Court is Peppered with Rampant Corruption and in the Appellate Division. Just because one dons these Black Robes, does not cleanse the distorted unethical  and underhanded embezzling ongoing in this whore-house called a court.

The Rules of Law are mostly left in the parking lot. The Public Trust is non existent, the depraved larceny is palpable and these mostly contaminated Lawless con-artiste who are a Honorable as a wart-hog continue their Frontier Justice.

Scams inc has black and white proof of Wooten, Moulton, Gammerman, Madden and others rampant acts of judicial racketeering, money laundering, collusion fraud, extortion, threats, malice and cheating the Rules of Law.

All of this without a shred of Oversight so that Miliilos of Dollars are Looted by the Judiciasl thieves, and thousands of Citizens are each and every day, skinned and excoriated by bribery, cheating, forgery, larceny and judicial dishonesty.

Supposed Judge Wooten is a first rate Crook a fourth Rate Judge and incompetent, who is a disgrace to not only the Judiciary, but to the Human Race. The man is a well proven unethical depraved cheat and without conscience. His mentality is exactly like these Issis pigs who will do anything to extort money from decent honest people.

Scams Inc has a carload of proof that Wooten is a Criminal, a RICO Actor, a money launderer, a judicial thief and eventually Scams inc will aid in putting Wooten in a Jail cell.

For Now Wooten will apparently continue to loot, rob, cheat and extort the Innocent Litigants in Kings County Brooklyn NY, under the guise as a supposed Judge but in reality Wooten is a invidious Male Whore.

Scams Inc welcomes any Denial from Wooten, Moulton or others. Please refer to the Terms of Use published on all of Scams Inc Sites.