Sunday, November 6, 2016


Dr John Siebert the disgraced Surgeon who was caught and convicted molesting, extorting and stealing from over 12 of his patient-victims in NYC Hospitals, fired and terminated by the NY State Department of Health as a NY Doctor for Siebert's confession that he is "MORALLY-UNFIT" is caught again. This time in concert with Officials of the UW Hospital in Madison Wisconsin the only Hospital in America that has been willing to employ Siebert, a self-confessed Sex Pervert-Rapist.

John Siebert is not only a sex pervert, but a admitted Pedophile, a witnessed active narcotics abuser, and a witnessed pedophile and extortonist with the aid of his corrupt lawyer Joseph M. Burke of a "outcast" Firm called Abrams Deemer.

Siebert has been engaged in not only sexual deviant CRIMES, that has resulted in his being Fired from NYU Langone, Lenox Hill and 5 other NY Hospitals, but Siebert has been caught engaging in bribery of a NY Judge along with Burke to steal a fortune that Siebert Confessed to owing in Sworn-to Agreements, Notarized and defaulted.

Siebert further engaged in rampant and proved Perjury, extortion, and collusion with this Judge who now has been Permanently Removed from NY County for Cause and who has been reported, with Proof, to the US Attorney and should be Charged and Convicted of Judicial Racketeering, larceny, bribery collusion and judicial money laundering.

Siebert and Burke have also secreted evidence, purged evidence conspired with this dislodged judge, conspired with others to loot and steal over $40Million Siebert that stolen. Further to that Siebert has used his wife Kimberly, daughter Ashley and son Christopher and fronts, money launderers and tax evaders.

Siebert has been previously caught in a multi-million dollar tax scheme, falsifying Records, forgery of tax documents and use of Ashley as a front for Siebert's Money Laundering.

Ashley works for a Hedge Fund called SILVER POINT CAPITAL, and is a supposed Trader. Siebert has been involved in Looting Money belonging to others involving Freedom Wireless and Larry Day, Doug Fougnes and Joe Burke Esq.

The Siebert RICO Racketeers have been allied with UW Hospital and its President Ron Slwinski to loot and cheat Widow-Billionaire Diane Hendricks. They conned Hendricks into forking over about $2Million to UW and Siebert and hiring Siebert as a supposed RESEARCHER.

Siebert is a con-artist, a sex pervert and a thief. The only things Siebert has ever "researched" is the naked body of his victims. Diane Hendricks, we have learned from Informants has been lured by Charlatan Siebert into a Motel Bedroom.

You see Dr Siebert is married to Kimberly, his childhood "sweetie" excep[t Siebert has told many of his Patient-Sxx Victims that he can not stand having sex with kimberly, and that she is mentally imballanced and a Drunk.

This information we have obtained by Affidavits and Reporte from Linda M, Ms Rachel and Diane Kleiman. Siebert is a sick liar and pervert-thief. He is now acting as a Front for UW Hospital and Slwinski who have been conning Widow Hendricks for a long while and Looting her for Millions using Siebert as a Male Whore, which Siebert is.

Siebert has now misused the Courts, engaged in cheating, larceny, extortion, fraud, extortion of Ms Rachel, looting and cheating over 10 of his Victims and has robbed all of these persons while Hijacking the IRS and Widdow Hendricks as well.

UW Hospital is a corrupt and disgusting Hospital willing to employ a convicted thief, sex pervert and pedophile Siebert, who has been Fired by every Hospital in the USA. WHY?

Siebert has now gone far too far with Mrs Hendricks and now she is added to the pathetic ROGUES GALLERY of Siebert's Sex and Financial Victims.

We as Investigators with the SCAMS INC GROUP, have a Duty as Forensic Investigators to Expose and Report Siebert's Criminal Acts as Siebert belongs in Prison and must also pay the Money he has looted and stolen by his Perjury, Bribery, Extortion and Money Laundering in concert with ABRAMS DEEMER, JOSEPH M BURKE, WILLIAM RUSSO, UW HOSPITAL AND CORRUPT-DISGRACED JUDGES BURKE AND SIEBERT BRIBED, FIXED AND CONNED.

We will continue to expose and Report these Siebert Crimes and Tax Evasion Schemes and acts of Racketeering, causing grave injury and loss to Siebert Victims including Widow Diane Hendricks who has been lured into the Siebert Criminal Enterprise, with the complicity of UW Hospital Ron Slwinski, UW President and sex Pervert disgraced thief Dr John Siebert.

Friday, September 16, 2016


Scams Inc has just learned that Paul Wooten, a warped, invidious incompetent, has surfaced back in the Adams Street Courthouse. Now this time Wooten's supposed "law ckerk is not Rachel Mandel Horowitz as she has apparently taken the rap for the Wooten skulduggery, racketeering, extortion, larceny and fraud in Part 7, NY County at 60 Center Street Supreme Courthouse.

Wooten, you see has since 2009, after he engaged ion election fraud along with Clarence Norman, who was convicted for bribery and selling judge-ships, and convicted State Senator John Sampson, he was awarded a judge position after he conned Gov. Patterson with his criminal allies, Sampson and Norman.

Wooten was never Vetted and never screened. He set up shop in NY County, allied himself with a few other corrupt meat-ball Judges including "Pretty-Boy Peter Moulton, who thinks because his wife is a gyneocoligst that Peter can loot and rape litigants in NY County, and use Wooten as a front, a pimp and a judicial cheat.

Wooten has engaged in Judicial racketeering, ghostwriting Decisions, collusion, forgery, extortion, fraud upon the court, and complete unadulterated courthouse larceny. Scams Inc has a carload of evidence of Wooten's fraud, perjury, ex-partie collusion, issuing Orders and decisions that have cheated many Citizens whic resulted in about 20 complaints that we have learned from large and small law firms in NY County.

We have evidence of Wooten filing forged Decisions after he was Fired Permanently from NY County and done so "under the radar" by wise-guy Moulton who has been engaged in fraud, obstruction of justice, violations of the NY and US Constitution, mail and wire fraud.

Moulton has done his level-best to save Wooten's "skin" as all of the Fixes engaged in by these Judicial embezzlers are "cut-up" by these corrupt judges.

It operates just like the Mafia, a Robbery is made and the Booty, is divided up as "one for all and all for one". Wooten engaged in more Fixes, Bribery, Judicial Larceny, cheating, dishonesty, fraud, extortion, chicanery, shady dealings and racketeering than mos corrupt Bandits in Black Robes.

Wooten engaged in bullying many NY County Clerks, engaged in rampant violations of the Uniform Rules of the Court, the CPLR, Rules of the Special Referee Part, illegal Steering, Forgery of the Court Docket, Purging the Court Record Room Files and Motion Folders, placing forged Court Stamps on Motion Pleadings and substitution of Pleadings in order to cover up his judicial infected chicanery and fixes.

Wooten is a distorted diabolic pig and sociopath. He has the integrity of a cobra, he will steal from anyone, and he is as bad as a ISSIS Thug. Wooten has cheated a fine Macys employee as a result of a Ghostwritted Decision, he has cheated and looted millions with fabrications, ignoring evidence and engaging in all forms of judicial crimes in a warped and polluted System.

Scams Inc has Interviewed former law clerks who worked with Wooten for a while and soon quit. The best we got is either a clam -up fron a few, but we also learned that Wooten was almost illeterate.
And that most of his Decisions are and have been written by others after the FIX is in Place. So all that incompetent thief Paul Wooten needs do is tell the Ghostwriter who wins and how much.

After all Paul Wooten, just like Convicted John Sampson, wants fancy duds, a gold watch, a Cadillac Car, Dine at fancy restaurants where they cater to Mafia Big-Wigs. And Wooten likes pretty Women who call him "YOUR HONOR". Sadly the only Honor Wooten knows comes out of a Gin Bottle. This supposed Judge is a no better Pimp-Whore, selling a body in Hells Kitchen. Wooten can not tell the truth and the only reason the Unified Court keeps him around is because the want to keep Wooten "respectable" so that the Decisions he has Issued stealing Millions, he thinks will be Cut-up by the Stinking Corrupt Bandits in Kings and NY Counties.

These NY State Court Judges who pollute the Barrel for the few good and honest, are worse than the Mafia. Scams Inc has been researching the Murder of MR Sonny Sheu a Asian Accountant who was in a Fixed Unifies Supreme Court in Nassau County, NY before a Judge Joseph Gollia. Sonny was ripped of by Gollia who was and is a cheat and fraud. Sheu exposed Gollia as a fraud, cheat and worse. Gollia targeted Sueu. Sheu did a video stating that if anything happens to him it is "Gollia's People". Two weeks later Sonny Sheu was bludgoned to death, and his murder yet unsolved. All points to Gollia who soon after "retired" from the Court Sustem.

The Sustem in the NY State Courts is a disgrace. The ilk of a fallacious Huckster-carpet-bagger such as Wooten is despicable. The Man is a evil adulterated flim-flam man, who will sell you urine in a bottle and tell you it is a Elexer that will save your life. Scams Inc has had Wooten under survelance while he was colluding to engage in a massive rip-off and Courthouse Robbery. Wooten orchestrated a scam involving HIPAA Forms, fabrication of Documents Falsifying a illegal Note of Issue, circumvented Rules of the Court to collude with Bull-Dog JHO Ira Gammerman and pulled off a Sting that a moron could figure out.

But no matter because the Unified Court is Peppered with Rampant Corruption and in the Appellate Division. Just because one dons these Black Robes, does not cleanse the distorted unethical  and underhanded embezzling ongoing in this whore-house called a court.

The Rules of Law are mostly left in the parking lot. The Public Trust is non existent, the depraved larceny is palpable and these mostly contaminated Lawless con-artiste who are a Honorable as a wart-hog continue their Frontier Justice.

Scams inc has black and white proof of Wooten, Moulton, Gammerman, Madden and others rampant acts of judicial racketeering, money laundering, collusion fraud, extortion, threats, malice and cheating the Rules of Law.

All of this without a shred of Oversight so that Miliilos of Dollars are Looted by the Judiciasl thieves, and thousands of Citizens are each and every day, skinned and excoriated by bribery, cheating, forgery, larceny and judicial dishonesty.

Supposed Judge Wooten is a first rate Crook a fourth Rate Judge and incompetent, who is a disgrace to not only the Judiciary, but to the Human Race. The man is a well proven unethical depraved cheat and without conscience. His mentality is exactly like these Issis pigs who will do anything to extort money from decent honest people.

Scams Inc has a carload of proof that Wooten is a Criminal, a RICO Actor, a money launderer, a judicial thief and eventually Scams inc will aid in putting Wooten in a Jail cell.

For Now Wooten will apparently continue to loot, rob, cheat and extort the Innocent Litigants in Kings County Brooklyn NY, under the guise as a supposed Judge but in reality Wooten is a invidious Male Whore.

Scams Inc welcomes any Denial from Wooten, Moulton or others. Please refer to the Terms of Use published on all of Scams Inc Sites.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Scams Inc Investigations has just learned from a  Informant that Judge Paul Wooten, who was  on 1-24-16 kicked out Permanently from NY County Supreme Court for cause, was also recently Ousted from his supposed Relocation to Kings County again for cause.

Wooten has been Investigated by Scams Inc for a number of years, and we have published dozens of verified Reports carefully exposing the corrupt, depraved and racketeering acts engaged in by Wooten in and outside of his Courtroom in NY County Supreme Court.

Scams inc has exposed the illegal manner that Wooten became a Judge, by Fixes with Jailed Clarence Norman, a charade "run" for Brooklyn DA, collusion with recently convicted State Senator John Sampson, cheating and fooling Governor Patterson, circumventing the required judicial vetting process and engaging in mail and wire fraud and racketeering even before Wooten was appointed to the NY Bench.

Soon after Wooten was Appointed by Patterson,and after his unholy alliances with Norman and Sampson, Wooten was systematically "transferred" from Kings County to NY County in 2009. At that point Wooten set up hie own "Business"  in Part 7, NY County Supreme Court  at 60 Center Street NYC. The Business of Judicial Racketeering, Fixes, cheating, forgery, altering the Court Docket, mail and wire fraud, obstruction of justice, extortion, abuse of process, having Decisions and Orders Ghostwritten for him, cheating Victim litigants, granting unfounded Judgments by judicial fraud, violations of Federal and State Codes, depriving Due Process, violating the NY State and US Constitutions, altering and falsifying Litigation Records, steering illegal Inquests to JHO Gammerman, Money Laundering, Collusion, embezzlement, and rampant disregard for the Public Trust.

This Wooten depraved and documented dishonesty has been confirmed by documentary evidence in the possession of Scame Inc. Investigations.

Further to the above, dozens of prominent NY State Law Firms have Filed Charges-Complaints regarding Wooten's larceny, corruption, incompetence and frauds. By Jan 2016 Wooten had gone far too far and another depraved  new appointed Administrative Judge Peter Moulton, who could not cover up any longer Wooten's systematic acts of Judicial criminality, "Permanently Transfirred" Wooten out of NY County Supreme Court to Kings County Supreme Court.

This was done illegally and in violation of the NY Constitution which mandates that all Supreme Judges who are "Transferred" be announced as being "Temporary-Transferred". If as Wooiten is Transferred "Permanently", such must be Formally Reported by the Court and MUST be apprtved by the NY State Legislature according to the NY Constitution. None of these required Rules have been followed by the Unified Courts and in particular by baby-Face NY County Adm. Judge Peter Moulton.

In Fact Moulton has acted in complicity with Wooten, Covering up Wooten Fixes, fraud upon the court, racketeering and obstruction of justice. Moulton has likewise engaged in documented deprivation of Due Process, Obstruction of Justice, racketeering, extortion, larceny, perjury fraud,etc, Targeting the Victims of Wooten. Moulton has covered-up Wooten's thefts of Millions and other judicial chicanery.

From Jan. 24-2016 until about August 15, 2016, Wooten was "Hiding-Out" in Kings County Supreme Court and supposedly in Part 97. Scams Inc had  received emails from many Victims of Wooten's NY County and Part 7 cheating, forgery, falsifications and fabrications of records, decisions and orders.

From about mid Feb 2016 more emails were received as to Wooten's fraud, racketeering, cheating and larceny in Brooklyn as well. We wrote to Kings Administrative Judge Kneipel  repeatedly as to Wooten's judicial fixes and crimes.

Scams Inc and others also have delivered to the US Attorney a plethora of evidence of Wooten and many other Judges, lawyers, clients and JHO's racketeering, money laundering, embezzlement, mail and wire fraud and thefte of about $100Million by racketeering, judicial corruption and larceny.

Scams Inc has now been told by Informants in Brooklyn that Wooten has been Removed entirely as a Judge in King County Courts, For Cause, been Terminated as a Judge all together. Scams Inc Investigations has confirmed that Paul Wooten has been REMOVED from all Judicial Lists in Kings County, NY County and the entire Unified Court System throughout NY State.

Scams Inc has also been told that Wooten is the subject of Criminal Activities by Prosecutors. That is at this point all we know.

What we do know is that the Unified Court System has tried to hide and cover-up Wooten's Permanent Removal from NY County (for cause) in violation of Citizens "Right to Know". The Unified Court has again hidden Wooten's Permanent Removal from Kings County (again for cause). This time from the NY State Judiciary IN TOTAL.

The Unified Courts, and Moulton, Kneipel and others have systematically schemed to shroud the well documented and depraved acts engaged in by Wooten as a Corrupted and Bribed Judge engaging in misuse of Public Trust and the Power of the NY State Judiciary, to embezzle Millions of Dollars from Victim Litigants by mail and wire fraud, collusion, forgery, falsification of evidence, Steering, judicial racketeering and larceny.

We have absolute evidence of all of these Wooten "Rip-Off" activities spanning years and condoned by Judge Sherry Klein Heitler and now Judge Peter Moulton, who has not only conoined Wooten's racketeering, but who has covered them up, and perpetuated them by abuses of his Judicial Office and the Law and by suborning perjury and engaging in mail and wire fraud only recently.

We also have evidence of many Decisions and Orders generated by Wooten's Chambers in NY County that were Ghostwritten by many corrupt-racketeering lawyers acting in concert with Wooten and his then law clerk Rachel Mandel Hervitz, who has "disappeared".

Wooten has been engaged in massive amounts of Judicial Crimes, larceny, extortion, and embezzling of millions in concert with other "Mafia-Style" Judges, Referees, Lawyers and JHO's

Scams Inc has Published many Expose Reports as to these crimes via the State Courthouses beginning in 2010. Please refer to Scams inc and Scamraiders, et-al Archives for much more of undenied Facts revealed of the Corruption Rampant in NY and California State Courts.



Sunday, July 31, 2016


Scams inc and Affiliates are a 10 year old Media News Organization. Scams Inc reports only "Facts and only Facts", that we investigate carefully before publishing any Expose. We also provide, pursuant to our Terms of Use, the method for any Target of a Expose to provide evidence that Scams Inc Articles contain wrong data. I on Scams Inc review, the objector is correct, such portions of the Report will be immediately deleted. In the 10 years of our Operations, this has never occurred. We are proud to reveal that Scams Inc's Exposes have resulted in educating our readers, causing many of the Targets to be exopsed and brought to justice. We focus on political, judicial,  lawyers,banking, securities, tax, medical-hospital and many other "white-collar" chicanery and larceny.

Scams Inc has for many years investigated and exposed many corrupt and racketeering judges, lawyers and politicians ensconced in and around the NY State Unified State Court System.  Focused on NY County, Kings County (Brooklyn), Nassau County, Westchester County and Albany, NY. We have been successful in exposing the rampant racketeering and collusion engaged in between and among judges, lawyers, politicians and the resultant bribery, fixes, courthouse fraud, obstructing justice, deprivation of due process and courthouse embezzlement, fraud and forgery. 10 years of evidence of NY judicial racketeering delivered to Federal Prosecutors should be sufficient to impanel a Grand Jury and proceed to sanitize the NY State Courthouses.

Scams Inc Investigations over the past few years has also focused on other State Courts that are likewise polluted with Judicial fraud and racketeering. We have watched, listened, interviewed and reviewed many Cases where clear and convincing evidence established Judicial trickery, fraud and dishonesty. Scams Inc has observed the vicious and adulterated acts of California judges in the Family Courts, which as a result of judicial racketeering, incompetence and underhanded self dealing, ruined the lives of children, homes, mothers, fathers and their finances. Many of these persons have no money, no idea what to do or that they have been "raped" by a corrupted judge.


This is not the American Way. Scams Inc then began to review the activities of a number of Superior Court Judges, many who we have learned are and have been corrupted. Scams Inc Focused on Palm Springs Riverside Superior Court and Judge David M. Chapman.

Scams Inc had learned that Chapman had a "Close-alliance" with the law firm of Romer Harnik, and in particular Brian Harnik and Mary Gilstrap. We knew that Harnik was from Brooklyn and had boasted about how he used corrupt the Brooklyn State Court Judges were when Harnik was a ADA in Kings County for a short while many years ago.

Scams Inc began to investigate the Cases that were presided over by PS2 Judge Chapman. Our Investigators quickly observed a pattern of "you win--and you loose" in his Ruling. We also noted that many of the supposed Cases in support of Chapman Rulings were either wrong, innocious, or improper. Chapman also engaged in patterns of manipulating, bending and disobeying the CCP, and Constitutional Laws to serve his own self Interests and that of Chapman's favored Litigants before him in PS2 Courtroom.

Mr Jim Couri, is not Scams Inc. He was a Founder, and due to cancer and other medical problems resigned in 2009 and disposed of his interests soon after. Most all of Scams Inc Targets have engaged in fraud, lying and convolution of Jim Couri and Scams Inc. This is a scheme to undermine and malign and fuel smoke-screens. Jim Couri is Our Founder and now our friend. Scams Inc is Scams Inc and all Affiliates, and not Jim Couri.

Now that said, Jim Couri decided in Feb. 2016, to file a RICO and other Claims against certain Defendants in the Palm Springs Riverside Superior Courthouse. Jim was residing in the Riverside County of California. The Summons and Complaint was Filed on 2-2-16 in that Courthouse and it was assigned to Chapman at PS2. It was confirmed by the Clerks office that the Case would be Assigned to PS2 as at the time Chapman was the only Palm Springs judge available to hear a over $200Million RICO Case, according to the Court Clerk.

Being aware of Scams Inc's findings and the Harnik-Gilstrap "association" with Chapman (Jim kows Harnik and did business with Roemer, who died in 2002), the assignment to Chapman of this Case was a interesting quagmire. Jim chose to find out first-hand if Chapman was a dishonest and corruptible Judge, so Jim proceeded.

 Remember Jim Couri was trained by J. Edgar Hoover in the early 1960's as to judicial and political corruption, what to look for and how to nab the crooks. Jim also was tought by Roy m Cohn Esq. Sydney Korshack, and many others in the Government. Trying to trick and rob Jim Couri in a Courthouse is like trying to fool David Copperfield with a Magic trick. You cant do it.

Jim first in March 2016 made a ex-parte Motion to seek that all Hearings before Chapman in Jim's Case be Audio Recorded along with the Court Steno. Transcript. This was at Jims expense and under the Court's aegis. Chapman refused Twice, extolling the Court Steno. Terri Dinckneider, and her qualifications, whic is irrelevant to Jim's Request. We have now learned that Dinkneider's License to function as a Licensed Court Stenographer in California had expired on 2-29-16. As such Terri was unable to legally work in any Court of California with a Expired License to do so. Further to that Dinckneider abruptly quit when Mr Couri Moved to Disqualify Chapman for Cause.

This was the beginning of the opening of the Chapman "Can of Worms" in the Palm Springs Superior Courthouse and Chapman's PS2. Much of the details of the Chapman polluted acts are revealed within many Exposes on Scams Inc. in a nutshell we have evidence in the Jim Couri Case alone of Chapman's following illegal, unethical, dishonest, and underhanded acts, all of which Jim Couri has reported and submitted evidence to the California Commission on Judicial Performance, and to Federal Law Enforcement, and to the Criminal Division of the Internal Revenue Service Department of Treasury, as bribery income evades taxes, and constitutes Money Laundering, Racketeering and extortion, mail and wire fraud, etc. Here are som of Chapman's corruption aided by lawyers and defendants in the Jim Couri Case:
1) depriving recorded evidence
2) tampering with and altering Court Minutes
3) condoning fraud upon the court by lawyers for defendants Sulmeyer Kupetz-Richardson
4) Ignoring facts and accepting falsified Hearsay as evidence
5) condoning Falsified proposed Orders
6) deprivation of Due Process
7) Obstructing Justice
8) illegal snooping by Chapman
9) violations of Judicial Canons
10) refusal to Disqualify himself as mandated by the Due-Process Clause of the US Constitution
11) Refusal to abide by Disqualification Mandates of CCP, and referring the Disqualification Proceeding to a Impartial Judge. Chapman Ruled on the Disqualification himself and Denied it.
12) Chapman illegally Dismissed Couri's Case grounded on fraud upon the court, perjury, hearsay, and violations of California and Constitutional Law.
13) as part of the collusion Chapman, to further Insulate and protect Defendants and Sulmeyer Kupetz, fabricated the Law and liiegally decided that Jim Couri is a "Vexatious Litigant".
14) a corrupt judge finding a Patriot Vexatious for exposing a Racket Enterprise and a corrupted Court. Jim Couri has been awarded dozens of accolades from US Presidents, the Senate Medal of Freedom and the Congress medal of Distinction.
15) the only judges who have used this scheme of Vexatious are the 2 judges in NY that Jim has exposed and Reported as criminals. One has already been, Removed
16) Chapman did not reveal that his Court Stenographer was without License and denied a simple request to have Hearings Recorded. Soom after Chapman Forged the Minutes and conspired with Richardson to File a False and forged Supposed Order Dismissing Couri's Case, Complaint"with-prejudice". Fortunatly, Jim Caught this Judicial scheme and stopped it.
17) Chapman ignored that Defendants Siebert and Burke had submitted to California and this Palm Springs Court having been bound by a Couri securedin 2014 and 2015-2019, Restraming Order. Chapman ignored this as well and still Dismissed based on "lack of personal jurisdiction". If a Restraning Order is not Personal Jurisdiction upon a person, what is?
18) Chapman condoned outright Perjury by a Officer of the Court, Sulmeyer Kupetz and Richardson who lied and in contravention to Evidence and Federal Court Records that Richardson and Defendant Siebert Files and litigated in 2014 a Adversary Proceeding the brought against Jim Couri. in Riverside Federal Bankruptcy Court. This again Confirms Jurisdiction and that Chapman nis a fraud, a judicial cheat and Racketeer.
19) Chapman as refused to remove himself from the Couri Case, and is now violationg a directive to do so, we have been advised by the CJP. Rather as retaliation, Chapman is now impeding the Filing of a Default against George and Antonia Pavia who Defaulted in the Jin Couri Case and are subject to $40Million.
20) Chapman's documented meddling, collusion, ignoring evidence, filing false Rulings, covering up facts, condoning perjury, fraud, trickery and embezzling confirms the Findings of Scams Inc Investigations.
21) Chapman has tampered with the Clerks (L. Reyna and others), Court Stenographer Terri Dickneider, deprived Couri Due-Process, has engaged in mail and wire fraud, obstructing justice and other vicious acts.This performed to aid in the deprivation of money due to Couri by confirmed judicial racketeering posting fraudulent Rulings and turning a "blind-Eye" to larceny.
22) Chapman also had the temerity and or stupidity to Stare in a fraudulent Ruling that a Jurat was wrong and illegal on a Court Sworn-to Affidavit. Couri secured a Verified Affidavit from the California Notary Department at the Dept of State in Sacramento stating that the very Jurat Chapman called Illegal, was in fact the Correct Jurat Form, the Only California Jurat Form and 100% Legal.

As any one can see by the forgoing partial list of Chapman's corruption, racketeering, incompetence and retaliation, that Chapman is a corrtupy, dishonest and unethical judge. He has bullied many self repredented litigants, he has cheated many, he has engaged in a scheme and pattern of bias, favoritism and bogus Chapman Rulings to favor his "pals". Scams Inc knows to names of many but will not reveal them here.Chapmai has mutilated the Law the CCP, the Rights of Litigants and has again attempted to "Set-up" Jim Couri in Collusion with Sulmeyer, Richardson and George Pavia.

A scheme that only a idiot would succumb to. George Pavia is so rabid that Jim Couri uncovered his racketeering enterprise, uncovered his bribery, perjury, forgery and courthouse thefts; Rabis as to Jim Couri and Scams Inc Reporting The Pavias to the Fraud Dept of the IRS re Pavias Tax evasion scams that the Pavia's confessed to and are now paying up millions in evasion and pe=nalties; and now again mor tax evasion re the Rogers $30Million Pavia thefts and tax frauds reported by us again.

The exposing that Pavia looted and cheated 580 Park Avenue NYC,  used racketeering funds to buy unit 2C in the Building: and Couri and Scams Inc exposing that George Pavia is a part of the Mafia and has been for over 50 years.

With all of that a rational person can only conclude the real basis is a scam Prove-up-Hearing , a scam OSC before Chapman, no less in Jan. 2017 for some specious concocted claim. Mr Couri is evaluating these underhanded flim-flams, and discussing them with appropriate persons. We do know that Chapman was not to be deciding the Default or any thing else in this Case as confirmed by Sr Clerk Letty Reyna 4 times.

Based on the proofs, documents, court minutes, pleadings, Chapman Rulings and Transcripts ther can be no doubt that Chapman to and has been a violator of the Public Trust, a dishonest, unethical, racketeering and cheating judge. He is a confirmed disgrace to what is now a debased and adulterated System of Racketeering engaged in by Officers of the Courts in order to embezzle and extort from innocent litigants to unjustly enrich corrupted judges, lawyers, clerks and referees (all of these persons are defined as 'officers of the court").

Once these acts of Fraud upon the Court occurs by Officers of the Court, ALL Orders and Decisions and Rulings by that Court are Void as a matter of Law. Once a Judge refuses to Disqualify himself for cause, all Rulings, Orders and Decisions issued by that Judge are Void as well.

We at Scams Inc hopes that this Expose confirmed by Evidence will be helpful to all of Scvams Inc's dedicated Readers.

Friday, June 24, 2016


Scams Inc Investigations has for over 10 years been exposing the rampant criminal acts of George Pavia, his wife Antonia, and his family, Pavia Harcourt and the racketeering enterprise George has created.

You see, George is a born criminal. As a youth George weas a Natzi and a kid who Ratted on Jews which George is one.

This little runt bribed, stole and we hear murdered his way to America. George as a youth became affilliated with organized crime in Italy, and by Ratting on Jews, they were all sent to Camps where they were Gassed to death. George also engaged in arson, theft, extortion and worse.

In America, George learned early that because of his contorted appearance he had to compensate, so he decided to concoct a scheme that although his father was a Scillian Gangster, George would fashion himself as a Italian elite.

George did some robberies, extortion and shakedowns for the then Black-Hand (aka Mafia), got some cash together and conned his first wife Elena into marrying George. Then George fleeced her, Conned  and bribed a Law School to grant him a Degree, and after cheating elena out of her rent controlled Apartment she walked out on this Psyco, George.

George learned well as a cheat, tax evader and thief. he began representing Mafia persons in Italy, NY, Chicago and California. George became a front for Mob Figures in NY doing work fo Salvatore Maranzanno, the Gambinos, the Anastasia Brothers and Columbo from Brooklyn.

George met Antonia whose Parents the Pierce Family had money and two Brownstone Homes in NYC. One at 15 East 77 St NYC and the other 18 E. 73 St Nyc, which had renters. When contorted lecher George conned Antonia, The Pierce family gave Antonia 18 E 73 St NYC.

George learned a thing or two from his Gangster Pals----


George had been "successful" in using his Law Office Pavia Harcourt as a front for his Racketeering activities and for Money Laundering the extortion, gambling, narcotics, embezzling and other illicit activities.

all the while George and Antonia had the front of a fine Brownstone and a large unit in it while gouging tenants with excessive rents. A sharp tenant came into the 18E building renting the 3rd Floor unit which had a large atriom. This guy figured out the Pavia's criminality and frauds quickly.

He got the Building Rent Stabilized over the Pavias perjury, extortion, using Mob persons to submit purjured Affidavits and bribery.

The Pavias were cited as perjurers, forgers, imperiling Tenants by the various NY Courts and the Dept of Buildings. Then the Pavias began a campaign of skulduggery, larceny, racketeering, bribery and extortion. They stole Rent Stabilization by collusion, hiring a pimp desperate thief con man lawyer Kenneth V. Gomez, who George Pavia funded to use a Google Blog to extort, Smear, malign this Tenant who was ill.

Pavia, engaged in a criminal series of acts, threats, harassment and larceny. concocting leaks, and other frauds. Gomez had been used to extort Pavia and his ally sex Pervert John Siebert. Gomez the thug intimidated many Victims. Gomez was almost Jailed but Pavia Bought him out as he needed this thug.

Well as they say, what goes around, comes around.

The Pavias stole the Pierce Home at 15 E 77th St NYC. They engaged in tax evasion fraud ald robbery, they were caught by the Criminal Div of the IRS. They Confessed to tax evasion.

Next George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt have bee caught embezzling a lady's Estate named Rogers for over $29million. George filed bogus and fraudulent tax returns for this estate, looted the money, hid it in off-shore Banks, and other criminal acts to secrete this money as a criminal that George Pavia is.

The Thefts have been now the subject of a Complaint Filed by a large NY Law Firm Pryor Cashman, and now these crimes engaged in by Pavia Harcourt, its Partners, George Pavia and Gomez have been turned over to Federal Law enforcement and to the CID of the Dept of Treasury.

George and Antonia Pavia also Defaulted on a Case brought against them involving RICO, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distrss, etc. The Default is for $40Million. George has tried to compromise that Court as well but the Plot was foiled, reported to the US Attorney and State Judicial Agencies.

THe Pavias are now more desperate and dangerous. George has threatened murder, he and Antonia used stolen Funde to buy Apt 2C at 580 Park Ave, NYC and the Board of Directors are being informed as to the Pavia criminal enterprise, Mafia involvement and tax evasions. The Pavias are undesirables, who use thugs, intimidation to threaten and extort to get the Heat off them, as the best defense is a best offense.

The Pavias will lie, cheat, steal, bribe, forge, imperil tenants and any thing else to not be exposed as criminals. They have beeN found at these Courts and cited in Orders and Decisions al perjurers, forgers, cheats and embezzlers.

They fixed Judges in NY Supreme and have been caught, they had Gonez as te "bag-man" and who Ghostwrote fraudulent Decisions for Disgraced Judge Joan Madden, forger and kicked out Judge Paul Wooten and Peter Moulton. Scams Inc has proof of the Corruption, larceny and racketeering engaged in by Paviak, Gomez, Burke Siebert these judges, Referee Jack Suter, Ira Gammerman and others.

The sanatizing of these Courts are underway and Gomez will soon be behind bars for his extortion, false Blog scheming to whitewash Pavia, but this time it is "No Soap".

Gomez is a known trickster, flim flam and Carnival Huckster. Gomez is a rung below a mob Hit-Man, who has threatened, and abused many for his Mafia front Pavia.

Not once have Pavia, Gomez, Siebert Burke of any one at Pavia Harcourt denied these Crimes.

To be sure the all will be exterminated as will the corrupt and bribed Judges who have taken to bribes from Pavia Rackets Enterprise.

We have Georges Banking scams, Gomez banking scams Siebert Banking scams, Fixed Judges referres and JHO Gammerman. we at Scams inc have Reported all of these crooks to federal and State Tax Depts and Prosecutors, it is only a short time before these specious Pavia--Siebert Minions are dealt with.


Kenneth V Gomez, Esq is a inveterate extortonist, cheat, liar and dead-beat.

He has been Quiet for a few years until a few weeks ago when George Pavia, his Wife Antonia and Pavia Harcourt have been caught in a tax evasion plot regarding the theft of George Pavia's In-Law's Brownstone at 15 E 77th NYC that they rogged, and defrauded the IRS. Scams Inc reported the Scam, Pavias were caught and confessed to Tax Fraud.

They were hit wit a fortune in Tax, Penalities and fraud charges. Scams Inc Received a Reward fo reporting the Pavia scams.

Now they are at it again looting Yvonne Rogers Estate for over $29Million, by George Pavia, Pavia Harcourt and Gomez--Burke --embezzeling, tax evasion fraud and more. Pryor Cashman has filed Suit and the Pavia racketeering Enterprise is now imploding. Pavia Harcourt and George are now under investigation by the US Attorney, the CID of the IRS and George is known by hil illgotten Co-op at 580 Park as a undesirable crook.

So, now Gomez has been rehired as a SMEAR CAMPAIGN pimp. But Gomez is a known perjurer, thief, con-man and dead beat. He is extorting Jim Couri as a Retaliation for securing a $40Million Default against George and Antonia Pavia in a RICO Case. Judgment will follow the Default.

Pavias can not testify as they know that Scams Inc and Mr Couri have a car-load of evidence of their racketeering Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, embezzeling and bribery.

But Gomez is in worse Condition. He is the subject of mail and wire fraud involving his pathetic transparent Blog who no-one views. He is engaged in proffering undocumented gibberish, all as a scheme to try and insulate the Pavis Siebert Burke Gomez bribery, trickery, embezzlements tax evasion and extortion.

Now Scams Inc has uncovered Gomez fraud upon the Federal Court Northern District NY in a Case
brought by National Life Insurance Company (Case 1:2015 cv oo439) before USDJ M. A. D'Agostino.

The Judge has found that Gomez is engaged in dilatory, fraud upon the court, ex-parte attempts to contact the Judge ilegally, filed false and late pleadings. and engaged in fraudulent acts.

The Judge did not at the time know that Gomez is a known fraudster, confirmed perjurer, racketeer, tax cheat, ghostwriter for bribed state court judges, and sex pervert all undenied and confirmed by proofs.


First Community Bank did not know that Gomez is a corrupt cheating lying lawyer who is apparentlycovering up Defendant Robert Gomez's probable Insurance fraud here in the Natl Life Case.

Scams Inc has made inquiries and Find that Gomez is regarded as i incompetent liar, cheat, filing bogus pleadings and engaging in fraud upon USDJ D'Agostino.

We have turned this Case and our new proofs of Gomez further Mail and Wire Fraud and Insurance Fraud to the Prosecutors and the NY State Insurance Fraud Division for Investigation.

Judge D'Agostino should be informed as to the criminal extortion Gomez makes his living engaging in shrouding Mafia Front Pavia's Criminal RICO Enterprises.

Gomez will soon be Indicted foor Extortion and mail and wire fraud, as Scams Inc has a ever growing plethora of proof of this slime-ball insect Gomez, who is a pathetic pervert also confirmed by Photos and Ms Rachel and Muriel Karaas.Siebert --Gomez Sex Victims.

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Scams Inc has in its possession a plethora of evidence of corruption, fraud, perjury and more, involving the recently installed NY COUNTY SUPREME COURT ADMINISTRATIVE JUDGE PETER MOULTON. This proven thief as been caught (and undenied), engaging in repeated acts of judicial extortion, collusion embezzlement, mail and wire fraud, depriving due process, obstructing justice, covering up the criminal acts of terminated corrupt Judge Paul Wooten, Lawyer Joe Burke, convicted sex pervert, Dr John Siebert and others. Moulton in the process, has abused his position as a Judge and misused his Administrative Office to bully and demand Courthouse Clerks engage in acts that violate the laws and rules of the Courts, commit fraud, deprive access to the Courts and other illegal and unethical acts.

When Moulton was appointed "Administrative Judge" he was supposed to be a sanitized version of ousted  Adm. Judge Sherry Klein Heitler, who was also a lead judge in the NYCAL- Sheldon Silver Scandal. Moulton was to take charge of the "NY City Asbestos Litigation (NYCAL)" along with Joan Madden another proven corrupted Judge who we have a carload of proof of Madden's corrupt-fixed activities involving George Pavia Esq, Antonia Pavia and the collusion and theft by Madden and the Pavias of Rent Stabilization (Undenied by the Pavias and by Madden). Madden engaged in corruption, preclusion of evidence, filing falsified Decisions, conspired with the Pavias, lawyers Itkowitz, Russo Burke, Kenneth V Gomez and others to loot millions unjustly for the Pavias at the expense of tenants. Thus a crook is a crook and Madden is a Crook and we have the Proof of her larceny to use her "Black-Robes" to enrich herself and George Pavia Esq. by a racketeering scam.

Well, Peter Moulton has proven himself to be a corrupt cheat, and a Judge who is a proven perjurer, cheat, and judicial con-man. Scams inc have been investigating Moulton for about 15 months at about the time he was morphed from 111 Center Street to 60 Center and his new-front position as the Heither replacement as Administrative Judge.  Moulton was a "company-man" and made his "bones" with Michel Stallman and Shlomo Hagler for a few years. Moulton started as a "private" and moved ahead in the Mafia style Unified Court "set-up"to become a "corporal". So what better stooge and front but "baby-face Peter". But Crooks come in all sizes and shapes but their MO is the same and if you know how, one can sift them out quickly.

Moulton moves into the 60 Center Street Digs and begins his chicanery and charade. Moulton has to protect the corrupt judges from exposure as these racketeers are the life blood to the Courthouse judicial Mafia. Do you think that these "hard-stealing" judges can live on their salary when millions are changing hands ath their will by judicial flim-flam, bribery and "stings"? Think again. Just like the Mob, when a Judge makes a Score, via a Fix-Bribe, all of the crooks "cut it pu. Recall the Godfather and Hyman Roth and then Paulie in Goodfellas. That is Money Laundering and RICO.

Moulton was part of the Corrupt crew and knew that Paul Wooten had gone far to far and was caught be a number of Litigants and large Law Firms.  Moulton had married  a Doctor Chris Cretura, and loves living the high life of custom shirts, suits, elite jewelry, gold watches and fine travel and dining. of course with OTHER PEOPLES MONEY. So Moultion, had to protect Wooten who was issuing Bogus and falsified Judgment for Millions, cheating, engaging  in forgery, falsification of Records, collusion with Madden, Gammerman and others to engage in grand-larceny, extortion and embezzlement. Moulton also knew that Wooten was illegally installed as he was never Screened or Vetted and was made a Judge as a result of a Clarence Norman--John Sampson Fix.

Moulton had to act so he caused Wooten to be "permanently transferred" to Brooklyn. Yet this was done in violation of the NY Constitution as to "permanent Removals of a Supreme Court Judge". No Matter to Moulton as he is a pure thief. Meanwhile he and his wife put on a air of affluence and honor with NY Presbeterian Hospital where Dr Chris Cretura practices. We do not believe that Mrs Moulton, a "cum-laude" Graduate does not know that her husband Judge Pater Moulton is not a crook who violates the public trust for unjust rewards in concert with other judicial racketeers. We at Scams Inc have all of the evidence to prove our charges and much of it has been delivered to Preet Bharara of the US Attorneys Office in NY (SDNY) and other Agencies. We have also advised the Criminal Division of the IRS- Department of Treasury of the millions that are collected by corrupt State Court Judges in bribes by cash or kind that evade Taxes. Meanwhile these Bandit Judges spend more than they make.They all love luxury. We nailed many that way. One Judge was spending about $10K cash every weekend at Bergdorf Goodman Store. We caught this guy and "nailed him" . Soon after he was out from his "bribery-mill" in Brooklyn. Sooner or later all of these crooks get caught as they think they are smart. In reality, they are all sick-stupid sociopaths. They were given a shot to be a "roll model" but they chose to be what they really are. polluted-perverted dumb criminals misplaced in black robes rather than a a orange jail-house jump-suit.

We have recommended a standard of living test be made on each of these judicial crooks. A fortune in undeclared income will be found, they will be charged with evasion, exposed for their courthouse racketeering and disgraced. The system is perverted and must be cleaned out and will be.

Scams Inc will be providing all of the Proofs we have and will continue to assemble more as these judicial crooks must be exposed, financially ruined and jailed.

Moulton is a example of evil and diabolic unethical acts at the Courthouse. Moulton,  in his temerity,
desperation and scheme to quell any proof of the courthouse looting of hundreds of millions, began to bully Clerks at Trial Support (Gloria Gottinger) and Motion Support ( Ms. Daureen and Lou Spinelli), Motion Ckerk Steve and others. The scam? Moulton set up a "underground" system to have Motions in Cases where Wooten and others has been Bribed and Fixed, delivered to Wooten in Brooklyn for Wooten to Decide. This scheme was a fraud, illegal and proof that Moulton is a thief and a incompetent.

Listen, when it gets really hot there has been MURDER also. See the Sonny Sheu Case all over the Internet. Sheu said on You Tube, that if he gets murdered, it is "NY Supreme Court Judge Golia." He was murdered 2 weeks after making that revelation.

Wooten, a proved thief, sociopath, embezzler and crook, was mandated to Disqualify himself based on Federal Law and on the grounds of multiple Motions made as far back as 5 years, proving Wootens "bias, partialiaty, fraud upon the Court, etc". Wooten, in violation of the US Constitution and mandates of the US Supreme Court Refused. Thus, by Law all Orders and Decisions rendered by Wooten after "Automatic Disqualification" are Void as a matter of law. No matter to "Warped Moulton".

After more "Heat" and further exposes of the corrupt acts by Moulton, he tried a New Scam. When a litigant called Moulton's Chambers who was complying with a illegally secured Order issued by a now "retired" Judge Harold Beeler, who issued this Order binding Joseph M Burke and others, this litigant asked that the Court comply with the Beeler Order. After call and call back Moulton "granted permission per the Beeler Order fo this litigant to make 3 Motions to Vacate Wooten's Forged, fabricated and falsified Decisions illegally granting $15 Million to sex pervert Dr John Siebert and ignoring and illegally falsifying incidents and dismissing this mans claims that Siebert owes and swore to owing over $50 Million including interest.

Moulton thereafter engaged in about 3 months of documented judicial larceny, fraud, collusion with Lawyer Burke in a scheme to quell and quash these Motions. Moulton then out of desperation and knowing he was caught in collusion with Wooten and Burke to embezzle about $100Million, then Assigned to himself (Moulton) these Cases that They had set-up a criminal scheme to have Wooten derail again.

Moulton then engaged in Mail and Wire Fraud and Fraud upon the Court by Issuing Decisions on the Motions made to Vacate Wooten's Falsified Decisions embezzling about $100Million, Denying the Motions by fraud, falsely stating that this Victim Litigant failed to seek and obtain "permission re the Beeler Order".

The facts, transcripts of the phone calls and the Moulton granting the "permission", the emails of gratitude, the delivery of all Motions to Moulton and other "black and white Proofs, confirm that Moulton has begaged in Grand Larceny, Obstruction of Justice, Denial of Due Process, violations of the US and NY Constitutions, Mail and Wire Fraud, Racketeering, collusion and attempted cover-up of Judicial Crimes and Fraud Upon the Court.

Thereafter, Moulton has suborned to Frauds of his Staff, S. Whitehead, Hasa Kingo Esq and Andrea Fields Esq. They have also engaged in Money Laundering, RICO and deprivation of access to the court to enforce the legal rights of a American Citizen who has been the Victim of Courthouse larceny, embezzlement, cheating and chicanery.

Judge Peter Moulton has been caught in the labarynth of criminality of his own makng. His Sister is the TV Cook Sara Moulton, who must be appraised of her brother Peter Moulton's crimes, tax evasion, violations of the Public Trust and Grand theft.

Scams Inc also must advise the Board of Presbeterian Hospital that one of their Doctors Dr Chris Cretura, wife of proven Judicial Crook Peter Moulton, know or should know that they are engaged in looting and excoriation of Victim Litigants by judicial cheating bribery, fixes and extortion, and living on looted money that is undeclared to the Federal, State and City Tax-Collectors.

We have given Moulton Scams Inc Terms of Use 4 times and asked that he deny our charges, for which we have evidence. Moulton continues his judicial scams and railroading to shroud his criminality. Moulton does not deny anything. Rather he engages ig fraud upon the court,  fabricating  evidence, covering up Wooten, Madden, Gammerman and others judicial thefts and thumbs his nose at the laws to cheat Victim Litigants.

We at Scams Inc have sufficient Proof to call Moulton a thief, cheat, an fraudster and embezzler who will be fully exposed as a corrupt judge. If he is not as we charge, we encourage Moulton, his wife, Dr Cretula, or sister Cook Sara to deny the proofs and submit their evidence in contravention to the Proofs and facts Scams Inc has assembled.